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July 2018 - Aug 2018

Katie Lee - Photgrapher

"Art" isn't just a noun to photographer Katie Lee.  It's a way of being, a chance to view the world in moments, in frames.  Katie has been pushing the boundaries of self portraiture, long before the day of the "selfie."  Her journey towards self portraiture was sparked by a car crash in 2007 and an overwhelming desire to dive more deeply into the meaning of being human.  What she once saw as narcissism quickly transcended into a heartfelt journey into the soul as she began her year long photo project "the artiatry of self."  It was inside this extensive, well followed project that she truly discovered her voice as an artist.  A self proclaimed "charm school dropout" her work often times comments on social sterotypes, specifically the (r)evolution of women.  Born and raised in Austin, Texas she taps into that southern charm to bring a  sense of playfullness to each scene she creates.

Fine art and self portraiture are only a part of her life as a photgrapher now.  Katie can also be found doing portrait sessions around Austin.  She especially loves photographing weddings, kids, families newborns and high school graduates.


Opening Reception

Friday, July 20th, 2018


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