Meet the Staff

We are a totally family owned and operated Winery.  Our Family consists of Mom, Dad, 4 Daughters and 1 Son, 4 son-in-laws and 8 grandchildren.  We are a Winery and specifically don’t want to be considered a Wine Bar.  We are kid, and pet friendly, and eager to meet your entire family! As the winery has grown over the last 3 yrs we have added close friends and extended family for help. 

Here are descriptions of our wonderful staff that will greet you at your favorite Winery:
Deb- Mom.  (Aka Yaya to all the kids.)  Deb has a passion and deep interest in wine.  From the history to the chemistry, you will find Deb engaging in fun discussions about our wines.
Chip- Dad.  Coming from a Physics background, Chip is our resident wine scientist.
Kevin & Melissa, Jason & Jessica, Scott, Elizabeth & Josh:  All put in a lot of hours making your winery experience the best possible.  Jessica and Scott worked for the former owner and got the rest of the family hooked on W2W back in 2008. 
ReaMichelle, Julie, Susan, Devon, & Alana,  are all part-timers that make all of us look good. 
ReaMichelle is our chief Production Manager, she keeps the wine moving towards the shelves.  Julie is a long time wine club member that just couldn’t stay away.  Susan and Devon are a Mother-Daughter team that came in to enjoy some tastings and decided they wanted to join in on the fun of serving all of you.  Then they brought Alana! They all have full-time jobs already but love being in the winery with all of you. They all work for the WINE!

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