Our Story

Water 2 Wine is a custom winery that provides a fantastic wine experience. Customers are considered family, and can come to enjoy a glass, a bottle or to make their own custom batch of wine. We like to offer our customers a relaxed atmosphere with knowledgeable and friendly staff and fabulous wines.

The original Water 2 Wine Custom Winery was opened in San Antonio, Texas, by John McFadden in 2003. In 2005, the corporate headquarters was officially established in North Austin. Over the years, Water 2 Wine has continued to expand its franchising operations across the country with current locations in Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin.

In 2013, Edie and Jon Burger took over ownership of the Houston store, bringing their love of wine making and grape growing. The vineyard was planted in 2011 and has been expanded every year since. It is located outside of Halletsville, TX and is still small by normal standards. We grow mostly Blanc du Bois, but also includes Black Spanish. The grapes are French/American Hybrids that are resistant to Pierce's Disease. They grow well in the hot, humid climate of the Texas Gulf Coast and are local favorites. Blanc du Bois is a white grape that makes a variety of styles including dry, semi-sweet or off-dry, sparkling, sweet and dessert. Black Spanish has a deep black/blue/red color that we make into a dry, rose, sparkling and dessert style. These wines are produced using the Houston Winery label. www.houston-winery.com 

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