you be the vintner

At Water 2 Wine, we let you become the winemaker!

When you buy a “batch” of wine, you get hands on experience mixing the grape must and pitching the yeast to start the fermentation process for your own personal batch of wine.

Each “batch” includes the full wine making experience and 28 bottles of your own custom wine that you bottle and label.

Here’s how the Wine Maker’s Experience Works!

Step 1:
Call us at 512-312-9890 to set up an appointment to select your wine and get your “batch” started. When you come in, we’ll start with 4 complimentary tastes for up to 2 people to help you find the wine you want to make (additional tastes are $1 each). You can choose from over 40 varietals with wines ranging from sweet wines to dry red blends.

Once you’ve found the wine you want to make, we’ll bring all the ingredients out to you, including the grape must and yeast.

Next, we’ll bring you into our Mixing Area and let you combine all the ingredients together to start the fermentation. Along the way we’ll explain each part of the process.

Plan on 30 minutes for your Tasting and 45 minutes for the Making. We recommend no more than 2 – 4 people for this part of the process.

Step 2:
Once you’ve mixed your wine, we’ll take it into our wine tower and our wine-making team will take care of your wine as it goes through the magic of secondary fermentation and stabilization.

While the wine is transforming, you can start gathering ideas for your custom wine label that we can help you design.

Step 3:
In 6-8 weeks, call us to set up your “Bottling Party” and bottle your batch of wine.

We’ll bring your finished wine put from our wine tower and hook it up to our auto-fill bottler. You’ll fill 28 bottles, cork and foil them and add your personal label.

This process generally takes about 1.5 hours, depending on how much wine you drink while you bottle!

You can also share the fun and invite family or friends to your “Bottling Party” to help. We recommend 2 – 8 people for this part of the process.

The costs of the experience vary by the type of wine you choose to make. We have several wines in 4 levels for you to select from:

Sweet Wines – $295 and up plus tax
Select Wines – $357 plus tax
Estate Wines – $446 plus tax
Crush Wines – $525 and up plus tax

Other Options:
Half Batches – All of our wines are available in a half batch of 14 bottles. The Half Batch Experience does not include the Making, but you do get the Bottling Party and a custom designed label for your 14 bottles.

Call us at 512-312-9890 to set up an appointment for your custom Winemaker’s Experience!

small batch wine-making and wine-bottling photo collage

"for a unique experience give this place a try."

Shane B (via Facebook)