Frequently Asked Questions

Can I taste your wines before I make a purchase? Answer: Absolutely! Every wine of ours is available for tasting. White, Red, Sweet, Dry…with our menu of 80+ selections, you’re sure to find the perfect wine.  

So exactly how much do your wines cost? Answer: You can purchase wines in three ways: by the glass ($5-$10), by the bottle ($10.95-$35.95), or by the batch ($249-$575). The most fun and cost-effective way to purchase wine is by the batch, which includes 28-30 bottles with your choice of up to three different custom label designs.

Are reservations necessary to come in and taste? Answer: For smaller groups, it’s not a necessity; however, if you’re bringing a larger group, it helps to let us know in advance so that we can reserve some space for you. 

Where do get your wines? Answer: The world is our vineyard! Water 2 Wine sources its grape must (pressed grapes) from hundreds of vineyards located in 12 different countries and all of the wines are fermented on site. Our suppliers make sure to source only the best grapes from the world’s finest growing regions and countries to insure that the wines will always taste delicious!

How do I make my own wine? Answer: It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Step 1: Stop by the winery and do a tasting to choose your favorite(s) from 80+ wines from 12 different countries.
Step 2: We’ll walk you through the initial wine-making process in our mixing room. In less than half an hour your batch will be on its way! Your work is done and now comes the hardest part….the waiting. We’ll take over for the next 6-8 weeks and do all the fermentation on your batch. It seems like a long time to wait, so fill your time by coming up with some creative label designs.  Feel free to stop by and check on the progress of your wine and enjoy a glass while you’re here.
Step 3:  When your wine is ready, call us to set up an appointment to bottle your batch. If you like, bring your friends, family and food.  You’ll have a great time bottling, corking, foiling and labeling your wine.

Now that I have my wine, how long will it last in the bottle? Answer: Because our wines contain fewer preservatives, they do have a shorter shelf life than traditional wines. A good range for our wines is from 1-5 years, depending on the type and varietal. Of course there are a lot of factors that can affect shelf life. In general, you should store wine in a consistently cool, dark room, lying on its side or upside down. If you keep the cork moist, and keep the bottle away from direct light or variations in heat, your wine will last longer. The ideal temperature for wine storage is from 45-65F.

I want to custom label some wine, but don’t want a whole batch. Can I buy just one bottle of wine? Answer: Absolutely! We can help you put your own label on any of our wines off the shelf, usually while you wait. Choose from one of our template labels, or bring your own photo and we’ll help you design a label. There is an additional charge for each label on top of the cost of the bottle. Prices depends on the complexity of the label, but generally range from $5-$20 per label.

I’ve heard that your wines are low in sulfites. What does that mean? Answer: All wines contain sulfites… they occur naturally during fermentation and act as a preservative. However, many wineries add extra sulfites to their wines to prolong shelf life. Most wines off the shelf at other retail stores range from 75-350ppm of sulfites. Our wines are in the 15-20ppm range. This means that our wines have a shorter shelf life, but you’ll benefit by getting a tastier, fruitier wine with less chemicals to boot!

Why do I get headaches, a stuffy nose and flushed face when I drink wine? Answer: These reactions usually occur because of the histamines that are in wine. Because of the shorter fermentation period of our wines, we don’t put them through the malolactic process, which is when histamines primarily develop. The majority of people don’t experience those horrible side effects after drinking our wines.