Meet the Staff

We are a totally family owned and operated Winery.  Our Family consists of Malissa, David, Lily Marie, Dan, Morgan, and Sabrina. As we make our own wines from many different vineyards from around the world, we are a Winery and specifically don't want to be considered just a wine bar.  We are kid, and pet friendly, and eager to meet your entire family! As the winery continues to grow we are looking forward to getting to know all club members and new guest.

Here are descriptions of our wonderful staff that will greet you at your favorite  Winery: Our Family motto is wine drinking family that has a food problem:

Malissa-(owner/general manager) has been going to wineries since she was a kid and has loved it since she was old enough to drink.  Malissa is still learning about wines and is going to enjoy talking to everyone and finding out what wines you love. Malissa has been in the Retail Management business for over 23 years.

Dan-(co-owner/mixer) Dad to Malissa. Is retired military after 23 years.  Loves to speak to everyone about most any topic.  He is our production go to guy and keeps the wine moving towards the shelves with his daughter, Malissa.  Dan also likes to wear his kilt during Friday nights of live music.

Other family members you may see will be...

David O'Hara Jr., Lily Marie (daughter of David and Malissa, who one day will be running the place).  There will be times that you will see Lily running around and talking and giving hugs to people.  Sabrina (aka mother) will be attending at times and when we are not busy she will be enjoying coming and talking to everyone. There will be times you will see Morgan, (aka brother and the filter guy), and Maggie his finance'.  David O"Hara III and Arrissa O'Hara ( our older son and daughter) may also be in during summer breaks from college.

Our other staff members is April and Rachel, two amazing females who put work for education system.  April has been working for Water 2 Wine for the past 3 years and Rachel who is brand new to the team.  Deb who helps Malissa with whatever she needs help with. Deb also helps bottles with Denise(wine club member) to keep our shelves filled. The ladies are a huge help.  Chip works in the background with the great info on Facebook.  So don't be surprise if you see Deb, Chip and their family members here on Friday. They all work for the WINE!!!!

Come and visit us and become family, you won't regret.