you be the vintner

At Water 2 Wine, we let you become the winemaker!

When you buy a “batch” of wine, you get hands on experience mixing the grape must and pitching the yeast to start the fermentation process for your own personal batch of wine.

Once you’ve gotten the fermentation started, our wine-making team will take care of your wine as it goes through the magic of secondary fermentation and stabilization to finally turn into an amazing wine.

While the wine is transforming, we can help you design custom labels for your 28-30 bottles. Then in 6-8 weeks, you get to come back and bottle your batch.

Share the fun and invite family or friends to your “Bottling Party” to help you fill, cork and label your wine.

small batch wine-making and wine-bottling photo collage

"For a unique experience definitely give this place a try!"

Shane B. via Facebook