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Fruity & Sweet

Raspberry Dragonfruit Zinfandel  $12.95
Green Apple Riesling  $12.95
Peach Apricot Chardonnay  $12.95
Strawberry White Merlot  $12.95
White Cranberry Pinot Gris  $12.95
Black Cherry Pinot  $12.95
Blackberry Cabernet  $12.95
Black Raspberry Merlot  $12.95
Blueberry Pinot Noir  $12.95
Pomegranate Zinfandel  $12.95
Wildberry Shiraz  $12.95

Fiesta Red  $18.95
Cranberry Cra-Zee –   $18.95

Black Forest Port  $26.95
Coffee Port  $26.95
Raspberry Chocolate Port  $26.95
Caramel Brulee Port  $26.95
Riesling Ice Wine  $26.95
Cab Franc Ice Wine  $26.95

Red Wines

Vintner’s Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon  $14.95
Dibalo Rojo    $14.95
Merlot  $14.95
Shiraz  $14.95
Tempranillo  $14.95

Select Series
Aussie Cab Shiraz   $18.95

Cab Merlot  $18.95
Chilean Carmenere  $18.95
Chilean Malbec  $18.95
Chilean Pinot Noir  $18.95
Italian Sangiovese  $18.95
Luna Rossa  $18.95
US Pinot Noir  $18.95
Trinity Red  $18.95

Estate Series
Chilean Cab-Malbec-Carmenere  $23.95
California Cab-Syrah-Zinfandel  $23.95
New Zealand Pinot Noir  $23.95
Enigma  $23.95
Argentine Malbec $23.95
Vieux Chateau  $23.95
White Sands Merlot  $23.95

Crush Series
French Fling  $25.95
Stag’s Leap Merlot  $25.95
Riverina Shiraz  $25.95
Italian SP Amarone  $25.95
Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet  $25.95
Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel  $25.95
Rosso Fortissimo  $25.95
Venetian Red (Valpolicella)  $25.95
Ranch 11 Cabernet  $25.95

Spanish Grenache Syrah $25.95

White Wines

Vintner’s Reserve
Chardonnay  $14.95
Liebfraumilch  $14.95
Sauvignon Blanc  $14.95

Select Series
Aussie Traminer-Riesling  $18.95
Australian Chardonnay  $18.95
California Moscato  $18.95
California Viognier $18.95
Gewurztraminer  $18.95
Pinot Blanc  $18.95
Pinot Grigio  $18.95
South Africa Chenin Blanc   $18.95
Trinity White  $18.95

Estate Series
Dry Creek Chardonnay – Oaked   $23.95
Dry Creek Chardonnay – Unoaked  $23.95
Mosel Gewurztraminer  $23.95
Pacific Northwest Viognier  $23.95

Columbia Valley Riesling  $23.95


Rosé Wines
French Rosé  $18.95
Chilean Pinot Noir Rosé  $23.95

red white and rose wine with logo label from denver water2wine neighborhood winery

the world is our vineyard

come explore over 80 varietals made right in your neighborhood!

At Water 2 Wine of Denver, we source our grape must from premier vineyards around the world to bring the best wines right to you.

Enjoy our wines by the glass, by the bottle, or we invite you to become the vintner and create your own “batch” of wine (28-30 bottles) complete with your own personalized label!

All of our wines are significantly lower in sulfites and other preservatives than wines from your local grocery store. This means that our wines have a shorter shelf life, but you’ll benefit by getting a tastier, fruitier wine with fewer chemicals.

Our hand-crafted wines also offer a great value with bottles starting as low as $11.95.

wine tasting daily

Come Have A Taste
bottlees of wine with unique custom labels for gifts and parties from denver water 2 wine winery


Add a custom label to any bottle of wine for a very special gift. Great for birthdays, thank yous and any special occasion. We have a selection of pre-designed labels that can be added on the spot for a small fee.

wine cheese cracker tray nibbles


We serve a small selection of cheese and crackers to pair with your wines. Feel free to bring your own munchies in while enjoying a glass of wine.

reserved sign with wine glass at Denver winery events


For groups of 6 or more, please call the winery for reservations at (720) 489-9463